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Cooking and cycling

Lahti marina. Lahti, sun going under. Virkkala, illigal camping at Kxc3xa4ssxc3xa4n Talo in orchard. Helsinki, suburb. Kotka, modern art. Cooking and cycling. On Monday morning when making coffee, I got the idea that the pressure on my cooker was getting … Continue reading

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Hanko, Helsinki, Vaalimaa, Hamina and Imatra

Hanko, Helsinki, Vaalimaa, Hamina, Imatra. When I woke up in Hanko, I did have a notion of a wet sleeping bag. Not surprising as a matter of fact, because I have to clear the floor of my van always immediately. … Continue reading

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Jyvxc3xa4skylxc3xa4, Orivesi, Tampere, Turku and Hanko

Jyvxc3xa4skylxc3xa4, Orivesi, Tampere, Turku en Hanko. After a lot of writing I left Jyvxc3xa4skylxc3xa4 in splendid weather, however in the dark. For a change. I take a break for the night in Orivesi, a small town some 30 km away … Continue reading

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Oulo, Jyvxc3xa4skylxc3xa4

Oulu , Kokkola, Kajaani, Joensuu, Varkaus, Jyvxc3xa4skylxc3xa4. After the bustling pleasant atmosphere in Oulu the situation in Kokkola was somewhat different. Kokkola is quiet but certainly not less interesting. It looks a bit older than Oulu . Old fashioned nearly. … Continue reading

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