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From Estonia to Latvia

Txc3xb6rva village center Txc3xb6rva church for sale Halliste church, prettiest in its kind Halliste, a closer look This week, autumn and winter were not yet sure weather it had to go or could not yet come along. I have seen … Continue reading

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Nice and not. Tartu

Decline (house) and revival (skate track) Lake Peipsi, harbour from border patrol Body painting Music temple It is raining a lot this week. The temperature rises then to a level of some 10xc2xb0C. Often the rain stops late at night, … Continue reading

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Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and back to mainland.

Ferry harbour Sxc3xb6ru Kuressaare episcopal castle Ristna beach Lihula From the family where I received a real treat in various aspects, I left with vegetables for two weeks, a nearly antique English Bible and the advice to go to the … Continue reading

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Tallinn to Hiiumaa

Tallinn, three different building styles Tallinn, 300meters away from town center Tallinn, some old most new The post office in Tallinn did receive a letter for me from Holland. The letter contained a new so called xe2x80x9cgreen cardxe2x80x9d, as proof … Continue reading

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