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Week 17-2009. Nature and behaviour.

Mais field with tracks Swallow looking for a place to nest. Koolzaad field. When we are walking, TNT and I, we have a number of choices but the start of our tour is often leading us past a couple of … Continue reading

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Week 16-2009. Easter in the Lausitz.

Spring colours in Bautzen. The area where I am staying is called xe2x80x9cthe Lausitzxe2x80x9d. As far as I know three different parts of xe2x80x9cthe Lausitzxe2x80x9d can be distinguished, xe2x80x9cUpper Lausitzxe2x80x9d, xe2x80x9cLower Lausitzxe2x80x9d and xe2x80x9cCentral Lausitzxe2x80x9d. I think Neschwitz is located … Continue reading

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Week 15-2009. Summerlike weather.

At the "nature learning path". Spring flowers directing their faces to the sun. Scenery at walking distance. The weather was beautiful this week. The open sky means cold nights, showing in the morning with frozen up dew on the grass. … Continue reading

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Week 14-2009. Design and drawings.

Tom’s place in the caravan. Old railway track between Bautzen and Kxc3xb6nigswartha.   For the railway freaks: I use these rubber underlayments with notification "Elbit Zwg 14 ELN 146 44712" in the construction of my wagon. It has been a … Continue reading

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