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Week 39. Tom.

Lenka taking a brake near the veteranarian clinic. Tom more dead than alive, on the infusion Veteranarian Lenka and the back from Milan. Last week at Sunday I became very worried about Tomxe2x80x99s health. He produced urine with a wrong … Continue reading

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Week 38. Exit Ukraine.

Very pleasant company at night. The street where we communicated, now being swept. Leaving L’Viv This week had to be the last week in Ukraine, where I have been 6 weeks next Thursday. I travelled from Zitomar via Chmelxe2x80x99Nycxe2x80x99kyj to … Continue reading

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Week 37. Rubisne-Zitomar.

Fisherman fishing slow fish with this net, now broken. Locals in Boloduchiv keeping me busy. Church in need of maintanance in Ochtvrka Poltava local hero The road from this xe2x80x9coutbackxe2x80x9d place Rubisne is difficult. Apart from the terrible state of … Continue reading

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Week 36. Donecxe2x80x99k-Rubisne.

Lugans’k coal mining. Coal fired electricity plant.   Very pleasant company in Lugans’k Lugans’k red Three young men Before leaving Donecxe2x80x99k, I dumped the coolbox. This box uses too much electricity and it smells terribly bad. In a small town, … Continue reading

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