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Week 25-2011. Macedonia-Serbia.

   Skopje wants to be impressive, building and Alexander the Great.   Bronze in promenade in Skopje. Along the road to Kumanovo. Skopje today is interesting, because of political unrest. In my opinion it is clear that Macedonia is very … Continue reading

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Week 24-2011. Macedonia.

  Kratovo ancient construction.  Kratovo church. Sunday-Kratovo. Kratovo is situated in the crater of a volcano. Yesterday is was very busy in town. Today it is very quiet, relaxing. After visiting some sort of memorial place some 10 kms away … Continue reading

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Week 23-2011. Macedonia.

Sunday is election day in Macedonia. The polling stations seem very quiet to me, but at every polling station is a policeman present. I don’t know for sure, but the polling stations seem to provide gifts, drinks, coffee and information, … Continue reading

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Week 22-2011. Macedonia.

  Bike on rooftop in Bitola.         Bitola is "little Montmartre". The Sunday in Bitola was quiet; visit a Roman Catholic Church, walking around in the old town called “little Montmartre”, writing diary and blog. Late afternoon the apparently usual thunderstorm … Continue reading

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