Week 18-2012. Amersfoort a.o.

Westkapelle meters below sea level.




Dordrecht, fountain in parc.

The weather on Sunday allows outdoor activity. That is convenient, because I am visiting one of my friends birthday in Huis ter Heide. This friend I know since we were 7 or 8 years old. The majority of the other attendants at the party are known to me, but I only see them once a year at this occasion. We have much to tell and food and drinks are available in abundance, which makes it a very pleasant and interesting afternoon.

Party go-ers in Huis ter Heide.

Van Hoornbeeck college, my neighbours.

The rest of the week I did stay mostly at home. I followed the events from this week on television; theQueens’s birthday and Liberation day.

The queen’s birthday in Eemnes.

The air temperature and further weather conditions did not appeal to me nor did they invite me to go out other than to walk my dogs.

Golflinks close by.

Find the two playing squirrels.

Work on my computers is taking much of my attention and fortunately I managed to retrieve the pictures taken last week, which I thought to have lost during downloading from my camera.

My two sisters in Amersfoort.

View at my rear garden

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