Week 19-2012. Amersfoort.

New bicycle for Hessel.

Tom with a friend.

Amersfoort Muurhuizen from Appelmarkt.


Jazz at Appelmarkt.

There is not much to tell about this week. I have been very busy still arranging my documents.



Colourful garden.

In Eemnes I visited Hessel, to see how he was doing with his new bicycle. I went to my physician to have him to check a small knob at the side of my head. It appeared to be nothing to worry about and he removed it using nitrogen. From Thursday there is a jazz festival going on in Amersfoort. At Saturday I went into town on my bicycle to get a touch of the events there. At four stages in town there were shows going on. The music was good but there were not as many people listening as I was used to see in past years. It is just too cold to sit still or stay around to listen. That’s a pity of course. I did stay two hours and had two small glasses of beer, wondering about the cost of it. Expensive. The bar-owners are clearly trying to fight the Euro crisis by raising their prices, which as economists say is not the right way to do it. I agree with these economists. Volume is more important and lower prices will stimulate ordinary people to buy!

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