Week 20-2012. Amersfoort.

Highlights this week are limited. The weather changes rapidly from cold and windy to sunny and warm. Lovely Dutch weather conditions, which I like a lot.




An unusual car is parked next to my old scrubby van: a brand new Aston Martin. The owner happens to be the lover of my neighbour. She, my neighbour, is a young construction engineer without a job. She used to work for a local contractor in apartment-building, and that business is very low at the moment. More young adults without a job are living here, which is logical because it is cheap. Next to my neighbour is a young man living: redundant for a year now.

A young female person told me about her professional life, first living in Southampton and now here, working as a floor manager at the Hilton close by in Soestduinen.

Tommy surprised me again. Walking in the forest I lost sight of both Tom and Tommy chasing the many young rabbits about. Soon enough I did find Tommy because I know where to look: in a rabbit hole where I see his white tail and hear him growling. Tom is nowhere to be seen. With Tommy I walk into the direction where I saw Tom going last. Then I stopped and talked to Tommy, asking him to search for Tom. Tommy turns around and goes back, pulling his lead and me at the other end of it. I continue asking Tommy to search Tom. It does not take long before I see Tom coming out the shrubbery from the direction where Tommy is going. Tommy deserves an extra treat.

The last event is watching soccer and see Bayern Mxfcnchen lose their home game in the Champions League final. The Germans will be pretty sour about it for a while

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