Week 21-2012. Amersfoort.

Ducklings in Leiden.

Pettelaar in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

It was relatively a busy week. At Sunday I travelled to Leiden, primarily for a conversation with my sister about our joint business. We did have a pleasant day together, also joined by the offspring with their partners.

At Tuesday I went to ‘s Hertogenbosch and from there on the return trip I visited a friend in Rumpt. The friend appeared to be on sick-leave for a month. It was a happy renewal of acquaintance and we did have plenty to talk about, which made it a late return to Amersfoort. 21st. Century country life.

In Amersfoort I worked on the electricity of my van. The solar panel at the back of the van was still in its fií position for travelling. In order to be able to point the panel into the direction of the sun, I had to remove a number of nuts and bolts as well as a timber beam supporting the panel.


I also had to remove the bicycle from the back of the van. When that was all done, the two supporting steel beams at the side of the roof rack had to be pushed outward to give free space for the solar panel. In this position the panel was actually for the first time in its intended situation. Three times per day, coinciding with walking TNT, I now point and re-adjust the panel position.

View from my boys room in Leiden, year 1950.

Since I am not very often driving the van nowadays, I only drive a couple of minutes on the premises here and not at the public roads, the battery of the car is no longer charged sufficient. For that reason I now joint the car battery with the extra solar panel battery. Both batteries are now permanently in a trickle loading status. When I now want to start the van, I must realise this joining and must disconnect the joint for a while. A matter of constant awareness.

Solar panel in it’s intended postition.

The week finished slightly bitter, with a Dutch soccer team losing from Bulgaria in a test game. Shamefull.

Thunder and lightning arriving in Amersfoort sky.


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