Week 39-2013. Amersfoort with a visiting Kiwi.

???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????

Clear signs of approaching autumn.

  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

TNT in their usual position at rest.       Tom alert with ball between his paws.

Cold nights and very sunny days were a treat this week. With a visitor from New Zealand to show around, this type of weather was really ideal.

From Sunday to Wednesday afternoon I worked out plans and organized the family to meet.

Sufficient time remained to walk the dogs, recover seemingly lost data from a damaged external hard disk and do some construction work on my balcony.

Of course I did follow the news and listened to all the ideas about plans for the country’s finances. All that, a government with insufficient support trying to continue their existence, is becoming only little short of a soap. One thing is at least certain: also pensioners will have to pay a percentage of the bill.

Wednesday evening I went to pick up my visitor from the railway station at Amersfoort. I did not find her were I expected, on the platform. When I came back to the central hall of the station, I saw a white haired shorty walking around with a suitcase. She was scouring the area and her face lit up when she spotted me.

After due proceedings, we took the car from which I removed the dog’s seat to be replaced by the real seat for people.

My visitor was a bit hungry, like me. We went to a pancake house nearby, where we had a good set of pancakes. After exchange of information I showed my visitor her quarters.

???????????????????????????????                Utrecht Servetstraat

Meerkerk, hairdresser.                            Utrecht, Servetstreet and Dom square.

On Thursday we had a very busy day. We went to Meerkerk, where the family has many lovely memories. We had to ask around, at a goat farm, to find the cemetery where our grandparents are buried. A visit to Utrecht, where I was born was next. The tourist boat trip through the Utrecht canals was very nice and informative. We finished in Utrecht at the Dom-square with a trendy meal in a small restaurant annex bar for students, tutors and combinations of them. The evening was spent in Reeuwijk where we saw many picture books and a family tree.

??????????????????????????????? Location Zonnegloren, now forest, previously Sanatorium and later Hospital.

On Friday we started slowly, ending up for lunch in the restaurant at the premises here. After lunch we started a different tour: from Soest (my visitor’s friends in NZ knew it from childhood), to Tienhoven (where my grandfather was born) to Eemnes for a cup of coffee. From there we went to Almère where we visited the young widower of one of our nieces. From there we travelled across the “Houtribdijk” from Lelystad to Enkhuizen and back home.

???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????

Tienhoven, where grandfather Pieter Bol was born.   Lelystad, with Kiwi in green, Houtribdike in background.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening with family. First we met a number of them at a café on the boulevard in Kijkduin, where we exchanged memories. For the meeting with one of our sisters in law, we had to drive to the other side of The Hague. With that sister in law we ate at a restaurant at the The Hague Malieveld. This Malieveld is the usual place for exceptional happenings, demonstrations, festivals and other gatherings of larger crowds.

??????????????????????????????? Beach and boulevard in Kijkduin.

Back at home in Amersfoort, my visitor arranged herself for departure early Sunday morning. We finished the week with a short summary of events and the conclusion that it had been a very rewarding week.


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