Week 43-2013. Amersfoort.

???????????????????????????????  Claviluna cristata.

Comfortably seated under cover in my son’s back garden, we celebrated the first decade life of my grandson. We were invited for this Sunday. The children’s party will be held later this week.

It is clearly autumn now and the last week with the clock at “summer time”.

In the forest the essential signs of life and death are clearly present. Leafs are falling in large quantities, together with sweet chestnuts and beech nuts. Winter is on its way, in order to give nature time to recover and start all over again in spring next year.

??????????????????????????????? Consumable? I don’t know so I don’t.

I eat lots of these autumn fruits, with every now and then some cep. Eating cep or any other consumable fungus is always a treat. Some people however don’t know what to pick and they suffer heavy poisoning, like the asylum seekers who were taken to hospital with liver failure just this week.

???????????????????????????????  decay.

The tent, erected over my van, is serving very well. I certainly do like it and planned to leave the tent there during winter. It will probably prevent ice forming against the ceiling of the van and thus creating a much healthier situation, also for my dogs.

??????????????????????????????? light and dark.

My dogs in the meantime, managed to upset one of the cleaning ladies. This particular woman is a muslima and she is treating Tom and Tommy as a totally unacceptable pack of dirt not to be touched or even coming close to her.

??????????????????????????????? Rain and bow.

Cleaning should be done, but I don’t see enough of that. Moaning about insufficient cleaning is only treated with unwillingness and dismay, so I stopped doing that. Instead, I bought some gear to clean the least cleaned parts of the building, the staircases, myself.

??????????????????????????????? Yes, you can eat this one.

Other activities this week were basically concentrated around the care for the dogs and helping some inhabitants with a bicycle or other non functioning equipment.

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