Week 9-2014. Home.

??????????????????????????????? No snow but early snowdrops this year.

Every day something new, at least for young people and that is logical. It seems to me however, that this is not enough: a day without an adrenaline boost seems to be a day lost! If the x-box does not supply that boost, it is, for example, sought in kicking vulnerable people around. The thrill obtained lasts only a short time. The fact that a victim is sentenced for as long as he lives, to fear, to frustration and to paranoia, is apparently totally uninteresting. In my opinion it should be absolutely normal to fight for your own integrity. If caught, which most of the time only happens when a victim did indeed fight for his integrity, the offender should always be sentenced to pay for his deed, irrespective the factual result of his deed. He, the offender and/or his family, should be sentenced to pay an amount of money, monthly, for as long the offender lives, to a special organisation capable of enforcing the payment. When I say “pay”, I mean pay and not a reduction of either subsidies or other gifts from the authorities. In case of failure to pay monthly, expropriation must be the immediate reaction of the authorities, without expiration of the due monthly payments. If this system is adopted, we can scrap the totally stupid “punishment” of social work like, for instance, cleaning up parks and shoulders along highways.

??????????????????????????????? Tommy awaiting marching orders.


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