Week 10-2014. Every day.

  ??????????????????????????????? Hilversum, town hall from Dudok.

Bacteria are hot, they sell tremendously. On television the ads tumble over one another, using the invisible, tasteless little bastards. They can kill you or…they save your life or….make you fit and healthy or…..threaten your health or…..etc. Nobody seems to care about the truth, the ads are doing what they usually do: promote invisible bubbles because it sounds good and sales go up. That is what it is all about. Nobody cares about your health until it pays.

One ad says: you have to take your daily quantity of yoghurt drink with millions of bacteria for your stomach. The next ad says: you have to brush your teeth with this paste and with this brush. After that you have to wash your mouth thoroughly with such a liquid. Only when you do that, you kill the bacteria in your mouth (from the previously life saving yoghurt drink). But before doing all that, you have to clean your dirty hands, poisoned with billions of bacteria, with soap obtained from a “no touch” dispenser, followed by drying your hands with a dirty towel and opening the door of the bathroom by applying the door handle previously used to enter with your dirty hands.

One thing is certain; you pay a lot for a hoax.

??????????????????????????????? Zoo Amersfoort.

This week I took my offspring to the Zoo in Amersfoort. I had not been there for a long time and was pleasantly surprised. The Zoo has undergone a tremendous facelift and it is a pleasure to walk around, especially while the weather was absolutely ideal for an outing of this kind.

??????????????????????????????? Pair of creeps

More often than rare, are individuals sometimes in pairs, walking around the area with no other goal as to make you believe they belong here. They give me the creeps and with reason. The statistics prove that robbery after intrusion in one of the many barely safe guarded buildings is rising dramatically.

??????????????????????????????? Characteristic Dutch.

On Friday I was very brave. I took Tommy and undertook the walk towards the town centre. I walked all the way through the centre, the main shopping street up and down twice, running into a well known politician (Emiel Roemer), do what I came to do and walk back home. Home at last, Tommy fell asleep straight away. I noticed some muscle strain in Tommy’s walking the next day. I developed nothing of the kind to my surprise.


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