Week 12-2014. Turmoil.

  ??????????????????????????????? Octopus

Exciting events this week kept me pretty busy. The ongoing search for a lost plane is giving everybody a lot to discuss and is rise for all sorts of funny theories. Bizarre theories are the best ones, like the plane was hijacked by aliens or hit by a lump of rubbish from outer space: lovely!

The other exciting issue is the annexation of the Krim by Russia. I myself never thought about the risk when it actually happened, but now that it happened I consider it unquestionably a logical step for Russia. Their naval basis in Simferopol is to important to them to fall in the hands of the EU (and NATO), through a political move in Ukraine. It puzzles me that nobody is talking about this fact and that internationally operating risk managers did not, seemingly, take this option in consideration. May be they however did and neglected it as “unlikely”.

??????????????????????????????? Uhu breeding box.

After this arousal the elections for our local authorities came about. All losers were absolutely thrilled to see one party attracting all the attention away from their own failure, for some time to come. This diversion will last long enough to allow the electorate to forget what really happened at the polling stations.

Last but not least is the energy spent on the nuclear summit to start this coming weekend in The Hague, with a G7 meeting inserted to discuss the Russian threat.

??????????????????????????????? Friends.

For me, on a more personal level, there was one other hot item: my grandson was coming to stay for the night, for the first time. He is “ranger” and wanted to search the forest for owl pellets. After two hours chattering through the woods, we had a score of one birds paw, no pellets and a cold grandson.

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