Week 25-2015. Home in Amersfoort.

Sinas jazz trio Jazz trio ‘Sinas’.

The weather is not as good as one would hope to get, during an open air Jazz festival. In the Sunday afternoon I went to experience some of the music, at a covered terrace out of the wind, reading my newspaper. The first act I see is from a trio called Sinas and that is special: I hired that same trio to liven up my 25th year jubilee living in the IJselberch. When the newspaper is finished I walk around the various stages in town, ending up in church. In the St.Joris church, positioned at the central square called ‘Hof’, you hear nothing from the music played on three stages around the church. After the service I walk back to the place where I parked my car. Immediately I see a problem: I left the lights of the switched on, resulting in an empty battery and the need to call for assistance. I had to wait 2 hours before assistance arrived, just for helping to start the engine which took only 5 minutes.

Tree marked to be felled Tree marked to be felled.

The whole week I have been busy cleaning my Peugeot. It led to a very good and satisfying result: all the bodywork is now clean and bright again. Maybe I should spend some time every week for cleaning.

In the night from Monday to Tuesday I saw the Dutch ladies football team play a draw against the ladies of Canada. After the game I went asleep again. In the afternoon one of the temporary lodgers had organized a lunch for his colleagues and some inhabitants of the apartment block he got to know. I was the only participant from these inhabitants, but I did like the occasion and the various stories about the work for this hospital.

Collision Collision. 

The access to the apartment block is now done with an electronic key. When I left one of the entrances I noticed the door not properly closing behind me. When I investigated that I saw the first sabotage from the system: a paperclip stuck into the lock. The caretaker was, when I told him, not amused. During shopping I dumped a lot of broken down electronic items, like 4 old digital cameras. I started cleaning out my habitat from unused and obsolete items.

Butterfly garden Butterfly garden.

I encountered problems with my teeth, so I went to the dentist. After some polishing the teeth fitted again without the encountered pressure. Later however I got aware of the fact that my teeth were not the real problem: I do have an inflammation underneath my nose, causing the area to swell and thus causing a conflict with my teeth. Using paracetamol and ibuprofen I just manage to keep the problem in hand. Next week a visit to my physician will be first priority.

Koppelpoort Koppelpoort Amersfoort.

Work on the washing machine of my neighbor completed the particular details of this week; I produced a button for the pump switch. A piece of copper pipe, 5 cm long, with sleeves at both ends is now serving as replacement for the broken down plastic original. I am not very happy with this solution and wonder how long it will last.

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