Week 31-2015. Noordwijkerhout.

After the exceptional summer storm from yesterday, I wanted to see what it created in Katwijk. So on Sunday after attending the service in Noordwijkerhout, I drove to Katwijk and started walking. In the village centre heaps of sand showed already some of the effects.

Katwijk after the summerstorm 1 Katwijk after the summerstorm 1.

On top of the dunes there was nothing visible from any damage, but on the beach itself it looked rather devastated. Most of the dressing stalls were toppled over and virtually hidden under heaps of sand.

Katwijk after the summerstorm 2 Katwijk after the summerstorm 2.

At the pavilions the terraces were hidden under loads of sand and the windows were clearly sandblasted. People were working their way through the sand dunes clearing the places with shovels and brooms. There will be a lot to do before they can think of continuing a normal exploitation.

Katwijk after the summerstorm 3 Katwijk after the summerstorm 3.

After visiting Katwijk, I drove to Leiden to see if there was any damage at my sister’s home. All happened to be well there. From Leiden I went to visit a friend in Rijnsburg. When I left there I was given two large bundles of roses.

Walking Knuffel on Monday night we were overtaken by a downpour so we came home soaking wet.

Selfies in Noordwijkerhout Selfie.

I did get an invitation to join a birthday party in Eemnes, so I went there after going to empty my mailbox in Amersfoort. The birthday party was with exclusively 18-22 year old boys at my son’s place. It was enjoyable.

Birthday in Eemnes 1 Birthday in Eemnes 2

Birthday in Eemnes 1.                             Birthday in Eemnes 2.

On Friday I visited places on the line from Noordwijkerhout to Heemskerk. It was beautiful weather and walking at the various interesting places was a pleasure. I have, as far as I remember, never been to Heemskerk and I was pleasantly surprised by the place. The day ended at the Bazaar from Beverwijk. The variation of foodstuff you can find there is amazing. The Asian Supermarket offers food and spices I have never heard of before.

Lock in IJmuiden Impression of Heemskerk

Lock in IJmuiden.                                     Impression of Heemskerk.

The last day of this week is the 1st of August, so that is my 72nd birthday. After walking the market in Leiden the birthday was completed with a fine meal together with my sister and brother in law, at a busy floating restaurant in the middle of town.  Birthday in Leiden  Birthday in Leiden.

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