Week 35-2015. Amersfoort.

VUmc Amsterdam VUmc Amsterdam.

Monday is a beautiful day. We drive to the VUmedical center to get informed about the result of an MRI scan on my son’s head. What we hear and see is absolutely great: there are no signs of adverse activities in his head. There seems no need to get back for as long as three month and then only to report on his functioning. A new MRI is due after half a year from today. Relieved and happy we return to Eemnes.

Tuesday is also not bad: I find a second hand battery for my Mercedes van. After installation of this battery I climb behind the wheel and turn the ignition key. The engine starts running without any hesitation, which makes me very happy indeed. I ran the engine for a while and drove around the premises of the hospital for a while. It would not be strange to notice some squareness of the tires but nothing of the kind appeared. The only lesser issue appeared to be the slightly slower reaction of the clutch when released, but that will probably disappear with some more regular use of the car. The now remaining activity to get the car ready for sale, is to clean the bodywork and retrieve the official documents.

MB100 after testing MB100 after testing.

On Wednesday and Thursday I am very busy with cleaning the Mercedes, the bodywork outside and the cabin inside. That job is finished around midday on Thursday and I am very satisfied with the result.

I take time off now and drive to ‘t Harde to celebrate. Anja did work for ten days and does have 4 days off now. We went to Nunspeet to have a meal at a Greek restaurant. On arrival in Nunspeet we noticed unexpected activities. It happened to be a yearly event called ‘the night of Nunspeet’, this time with Brazil as the theme for the night. No surprise then, we saw four black women dressed up like they do during the carnival in Rio and one steel band.

The night from Nunspeet The night from Nunspeet.

The Greek meal was not bad at all, but the proprietor of the restaurant appeared to be a bully.

Greek mousse from red caviar Greek mousse from red caviar.

On Friday I return to Amersfoort via a different route, through the polder. It is definitely well worth it, seeing the polder from the B-roads. I did like it very much.

Flevopolder Flevopolder.

For the sale of my van I need the documents belonging to it. I had no idea where to find them, but luckily, on Saturday I did start my search in the right place and found them immediately. I tried to place an ad on Marktplaats but saw that one has to pay for these nowadays.

MB ready for sale MB ready for sale.

I decided to try and get rid of the car via two firms from which I did receive letters where they showed interested in buying the thing.

Next week I hope to be in a position to tell you more.

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One Response to Week 35-2015. Amersfoort.

  1. Gerard sr says:

    So next week you tell us more. Lets hope you sold your Van !
    And give your neighbour my regards ! And answer my question I emailed you. I hope you have a good answer. Look forward to it.

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