Week 05-2016. Amersfoort.


Most of my time passes thinking about the imminent allocation of 52 young Syrian and Eritrean men in the building where I live. Fortunately I realize that I am not the only one whose brain is being tossed around trying to reach a credible solution for the problems we see arising. Our problem in this preliminary stage is, that we are so far apparently not convincing enough to change the ideas from the responsible organisations, to the extent that they also take our wellbeing into account. It’s a drag.

Bale out Bale out!

We do get a notion of being felt as the flee in the fur for these organisations. And I get the feeling of trying to pull a dead horse into a forward movement. (Is that a proper English saying?)

Anyway, it does cost me a lot of energy leading only towards heaps of frustration.

The more joyful activities are seeing my family in Eemnes, the installation of Windows10 on this laptop which did cost me a lot of time even with the help of a professional and the ordinary shopping sometimes accompanied by a fellow tenant.

Shopping Shopping.

The refugee story will continue.

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