Week 6-2016. Amersfoort.

My path My path at home.

Such a deception: my son rang to inform me about a concert by Phillip Glass in August, clearly in order to get me to buy tickets for the two of us. Ten minutes later he had realized that he and his family would be on holiday then. He showed his disappointment clearly.

On Tuesday I joined a number of fellow tenants to attend the proceedings at an informative meeting from the towns’ local government. Afterwards we did have a lot to talk about at home.

The rest of the week the tenants discussed what happened around the housing of asylum seekers. The situation for us is getting more and more critical because a definitive decision is not yet made. We, the tenants are now promised a meeting in our house with the responsible alderwoman. Also our landlord is now at last asking us for a discussion about their plan. We are not really interested in their plan and not many of us are prepared to discuss their plan.

Future mosque Future mosque?

Next week we will see what is going on.

On Friday I travelled to the North of the country accompanying my neighbor who originates from that area. In ZuidLaren we enjoyed lunch and tried to meet a former colleague of my neighbor.

ZuidLaren Statue in ZuidLaren.

On Saturday I get surprise visitors: my sister with her husband and daughter. That was really a special treat and I enjoyed that, because it is a rarity indeed.

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