Week 8-2016. Amersfoort.

Calamity meeting point Nobody at the meeting point!

The serenity of Sunday afternoon was brutally broken by fire alarm. For a change I decided to monitor the proceedings. After our complaints about the total absence of any form of information and/or instructions I was curious. First I took position in front of the house in order to see if any of the inhabitants would react properly which means leaving the building and gathering at the designated meeting place: nothing happened. After 5 minutes a small van from the security arrived but that did not help: the alarm continued. So I went downstairs to the switchboard. I found some inhabitants there of which one had tried to reach someone by phone without result. The security man was trying to stop the alarm because we already knew the reason of the alarm going off: no fire but an oven switch on in the presence of the owner.

The security man did not manage to switch the alarms off. It took him 20 minutes and he needed the help of a more senior employee. Our conclusion is that our landlord does not care for our safety at all.

Toets Toets.

On Monday I am asked to walk Toets, the dog of my neighbor, which I gladly do. On my way I get the secretary of the Board on the phone: he wants to talk about the plans to house 52 young strangers in the apartment building. I cannot refuse, so we will meet this afternoon. The meeting is not unpleasant. We, the tenants, crush the plans made up by our landlord. Some days ago we submitted a plan acceptable to us, but not submitted to our landlord yet. The landlord is taking a week to review this plan and they will come back to us next week with a verdict. We are not expecting a positive verdict.

On Tuesday I take a picture of a leafless tree when I take my shoes to the shoemaker for repairs. I continue from there to Eemnes to support the family there, awaiting the result of a   of my son. They are busy with reorganizing after the collapse of a water pipe. We have dinner together.

Tree in blue Tree in blue.

Wednesday is a happy day, because the scan of my son’s head did not show any activity of the cancer tumor, so he seems to be safe for another half year to come.

Thursday is a quiet day. The only memorable thing is that I wrote a column for a popular paper called Metro and submitted it.

Visiting Muiden Visiting  Muiden.

On Friday I visited a befriended female person. She used to be a classmate back in 1950. After a cup of tea and a lot of talking about birds, I continued to Leiden to join my sister’s birthday party. That was a pleasant happening ending somewhere around 01:30hr the next morning.

Bremmer meadow with geese and storch Bremmer meadow with geese and storches in Oegstgeest.

After a good but short night I left after downloading diaries scanned by me. These diaries are from my father and his father. My niece living in Roelofarendsveen was also interested, so I went there to dump the diaries there as well. Next I went to a cousin in Diemen and again I dumped the diaries. Now I am absolutely sure that these diaries will never get lost.

Waterworks along Googstraat Waterworks along Googstraat.

After Diemen I drove to Eemnes to see my son and his family. I also needed to buy some groceries there and then I could not find my wallet. That was a nasty discovery: no wallet, no money, no credit card and no driving license.  Sitting in my car and thinking my moves over, I realized that the most logical solution would be to ring my sister in Leiden. This resulted in the confirmation that my wallet had fallen out of my pocket when I undressed yesterday night.

So, I had to return to Leiden, pick up my wallet and drive back to Amersfoort.

I opted for a very quiet evening after that.

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