Week 45-2016. Amersfoort.

sleeping-beauties They have no idea, and why  should they. Sleep softly.

I did not go out much this week. Apart from the usual speed-shopping there were only two activities. The first one was an early morning coffee in Amersfoort with a member of the local council, just for the exchange of data. We both agreed that the whole issue of housing so called refugees at the premises where my apartment is based was a total cock-up. For the created situation there have been numerous meetings and costly refurbishments. Maybe it could not have been foreseen, but now it is clear that it was all only for a period of one year. It was a terrible waste of community money. The second activity was going to Den Haag, to help a niece moving some old furniture and after that visiting family in Leiden.

alley Typical ally in Amersfoort.

Wednesday morning (9/11 in Dutch is that a coincidence?), I wake up early and switch the TV on. The TV presenter shows some difficulty in hiding his astonishment: Democrats are losing the election of a new president for the USA. I follow the news until the moment that it is clear who will become the new president. After this outcome I ring my doctor, because I expect to get the results of my own bi-annual health check which I consider much more interesting and important. Very selfish that is, of course. There seems to be not much wrong with my health, nothing to worry about. To deal with the tiny shortcoming the advice is to eat more fish or less meat and move a bit more. I can abide with that. During the following days it becomes clear that the Americans, mostly youngsters who were toddlers when the first 9/11 took place, are not very pleased with the health situation of their country: Politicians and Press promise us an uncertain future. They’d better study the Bible more closely and their future will become pretty clear and not the least uncertain. Some knowledge of the Koran might help as well.

mushrooms Autumn of our times.

Friday afternoon I feel a bit sick, take some pills (they are over their expiring date) and go to bed. The flaw seems to subside on Saturday evening, urging me to pick up my usual routine.

This week will remain a week to remember for many around the globe.

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One Response to Week 45-2016. Amersfoort.

  1. Juul says:

    Mind the cats ! Pieter.
    ‘They have no idea,’ ? Perhaps they hear everything we say….and do-:)

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