Week 10-2017. Noosa-Caloundra



Tewantin, roundabout Tewantin, roundabout.

From Saturday to Sunday I did not have a dorm, so I slept in the car. Of course, I got up early from the sun. The church where I went is in Tewantin. People there came to welcome me and of course they wanted to know how I came there. After the service, they had sort of a barbecue on the lawn next to the church, with coffee, lemonade, sausage and bread and homemade cake. A Dutch speaking woman, born in Australia came to talk as was her husband (no Dutch speaking) whose surname is Verschoor.

Noosa river in Tewantin Noosa river in Tewantin.

The Monday and the Tuesday my friend Ros showed me around the hidden treasures of this area. Ros knows the way. We cover a fair part and every now and then we stop for coffee, a beer or something to eat. From Noosa, via Tewantin, we come through places like Coory, Doonan, Coolum, Eumundi, Nambour, Montville, Maleny, Eerwah Vale, Belli Park, Gheerulla and Kenilworth. We enter the Canondale National Park, for which I have to cross two streams. We ignore the signs that you may only enter with a four-wheel driven car.

Lizard in Canondale National Park Lizard in Canondale National Park.

The scenery is fabulous, the various birds are not really shy and the lizards are only fast when you approach them. In Kenilworth, we visit the cheese factory where they have a shop for very good ice-cream, a large variety of yoghurts and an even greater variety of cheeses. In Maleny we go for lunch. Ros ordered a meal consisting, amongst others, of two vegiburgers. The plate and her drink are placed on the table and when she just points her fork to the first burger, a kookaburra comes as a flash, lands on her plate and takes off with her burger also tipping over her drink. This appears to happen more often. The owner of the restaurant comes to apologize, cleans the mess and brings new food and drinks. It is really amazing, the brutality of these birds.

Stealing Kookaburra Stealing Kookaburra.

Wednesday morning I left the backpacker in Noose. I followed the coastal road, via Coolum Beach, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Caloundra. The Sunshine Coast ends here, in Caloundra.

Sunset River cruise Sunset River cruise.

The lump in the middle of the picture seems to be the result of vulcanic activity. These sights can be seen all over the place.

The beaches everywhere on the way are often guarded. It looks a bit funny, a beautiful beach of unending length of which only a stretch of 50 meters is guarded. “Only swimming between the flags”. I am told that there are no dangerous animals in these waters: no sharks, no poisonous jelly fish, no snakes. It seems pretty safe and all of the surfers here, are doing their thing outside the guarded areas.

Mooloolaba backpackers Mooloolaba backpackers.

The hostel in Mooloolaba appeared to house the most pleasant to me. I was immediately introduced and accepted. The last evening of my stay there, one of the girls, she is only 1:50m high but extremely good with a ‘hula hoop’, suggested to produce a meal for everybody at this section. I agreed and was assigned to cook the rice. We had no idea how many would join in, but in the end, we ate with 22 persons: all pans totally empty.

Coolum Beach Coolum Beach.

I finished the week in the hostel in Caloundra. The people staying here are not very open to get in contact. I do have one other person in the dorm. He is called Rob, suffers from sleep distortion and he misses a tooth. Like him there are more: Australians without a steady life, going from job to job and surviving the best they can. Queensland is a terrific place for these people: you can sleep at the beach the whole year through.

Caloundra landscape Caloundra landscape.


Caloundra jetty with volunteers coast guard Caloundra jetty with volunteers coast guard






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    I’m really enjoying your blog! Thank you for leaving that kind note, we very much enjoyed your company too! I look forward to reading more about your travels. Best of luck!

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