Week 12-2017. Burnie-Penguin-Auckland.

Mount Eden with cousin and her boys On top of Mount Eden with Katherine, Leo and Xavier.

On Sunday morning, I left the hostel in Burnie and moved to Penguin. The hostel in Penguin was situated a lot better, straight at the boulevard with a view at the Bass Strait.

The church in Penguin is led by a Dutch couple ‘De Bruyn’. I drink coffee after the service and have a chat with mr. De Bruyn who is owner of a transport company here.

View from Mt. Eden View from the top of Mount Eden.

There is not much life in this place on Sunday, so I go into the Hinterland where it is also Sunday-quiet. In the hostel, I meet a young French guy who does not want to go back to France.

On Monday I drive my car along the East coast of Tasmania. For the first time in Australia I spot a Wallaby or a small Kangaroo. The weather changed to cloudy and some rain, but the temperature is still very pleasant.

Fiji group at Pacifica The Fiji stage, one of the eleven.

The road along the coast follows the shores and from time to time I stop to have a look.

Around midday on Tuesday I am back in Hobart and take a bed in the hostel where I left last week.

The flight to Auckland is a bit exhausting. First I fly to Melbourne, where I have plenty of time to sleep in the departure hall. Everything goes as planned, so I do arrive in Auckland just after midnight of Thursday. In the arrival hall, it does not cost me much to spot Margareth. The first thing to do is to smoke and after that we walk to her car. At her home, we talk and around three o’clock we go asleep. I did sleep like a log for four hours and we start my days in New Zealand. We spend most of the day in Waitakere Ranges. A part of these is called Cascades and there is a part called ‘Ark in the Park’, well maintained by volunteers. The vegetation is lush, temperate rainforest with enormous trees that are threatened by a deadly decease called ‘dieback’. In that park, you are supposed to stay on the provided footpaths, part of the so-called Hillary Trail.

Me and ice cream at Pacifica At the Pacifica Festival, ice cream.

ON Friday, we picked up Katherin with her sons Xavier and Leo. We drove to Mt.Eden, a high point formed by a volcano. From there you do have a very nice view around the area of Auckland. There are 50 volcanos within an area of 1000 km/2 around Auckland.

Devonport beach View at Eastern suburbs of Auckland from off Devonport beach.

On Saturday, a festival started: The Pacifica Festival. Eleven countries in the Pacific are present here, to show their dance and music. The festival is well attended but spread around such a large area around a lake, that you are not hindered by a crowd. Against all odds, the weather stayed lovely, not too hot but without any rain.

View from Mount Victoria to Auckland View to Auckland city centre from top of Mount Victoria.


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One Response to Week 12-2017. Burnie-Penguin-Auckland.

  1. Nico MAAS says:

    Lost you for a while, Pieter. Good seeing that you are well.
    Here all going fine, my women are performing above expectations, but still do require a lot of attention.
    Take care and bon voyage.

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