Week 26-2017. Amersfoort.

NS Hollandse Rading Railway station Hollandse Rading.

After church I took mail to my friend in Hollandse Rading and watched the F1 race from Azerbaijan in Eemnes. That race developed into chaos and once again the car of Max stopped after some rounds; very disappointing.

On Monday I installed a chair in my shower cubicle. I had that chair already for a long time in my cellar box and decided some month ago already, to install it.

Paviljon for psychiatry Paviljon for psychiatry.

At midday on Wednesday, I met my friend from Rotterdam at the central railway station of Utrecht. Our meetings became some sort of a regular event, every time in another city. So this time it was Utrecht. We, both civil engineers, admired the hall of the station.

CS Utrecht Hall Central Station Utrecht.

After walking through the mall, Hoog Catharijne, we looked for coffee. In the Drieharingstraat, immediately opposite the exit of Hoog Catharijne, we found a promising terrace. Covered by a good parch protecting us from the sometimes heavy rainfall, we enjoyed watching the passersby, drank two bottles of wine and tasted a dozen of oysters (three different types). One of the oysters did not taste too good, but fortunately my stomach did not react too badly. We stayed there for more than 7 hours: plenty to talk about and a pleasant view.

Drieharingstraat Utrecht Our view in Drieharingstraat in Utrecht.

Chrysemys picta picta Chrysemys Picta.

The next day I was asked to transport a Chrysemys Picta to Alphen a/d Rijn, to the tortoise sanctuary there. I arrived before closure time, so I could go in and watch. Inside the building I discovered a huge amount of enormous aquariums full with tortoises downstairs and upstairs a number of terrariums with turtles. This sanctuary is well worth a visit and very informative for children and others interested in reptiles.

Sanctuary for tortoise and turtle Inside the turtle sanctuary.

The Friday, I used to undertake the half yearly cleaning session.

In Amersfoort this weekend they boast the ‘Dias Latinas’. Everywhere in town you can find musicians, bands, DJ’s performing. No entrance fee to enjoy this lively event. I was very happy to see the venues well protected from guests on wheels: only pedestrians were allowed and that is absolutely very pleasant: you could find many people dancing the salsa, the lambada or the tango.

Amersfoort Dias Latinas Dias Latinas in Amersfoort.

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