Week 27-2017. Amersfoort.


School holidays are on the way this week. Friday is the last school day for many schools in this area. We divide Holland in three areas with different school holidays. We do that in order to spread the load on facilities.

Three new young adults came this week, to live here in the building.

A man, planning to go horse riding in Argentina, came to my home to hear about my adventures there. I showed him the four video registrations I made and answered his questions. After having seen the videos and after my stories, he will probably have more questions later on, when his plans are materializing.

On Wednesday I decided to use my bicycle to go shopping, for a change. It was terrific weather for it: no wind and not too hot.

Thursday evening offered me a surprise party here. A couple of 5 men had set up a BBQ and I was allowed to join them. They swallowed enormous amounts of rib-eye steaks and ten different brands of beer. The thunderstorm with lots of rain did not stop us from having a lot of fun.

Katwijk Katwijk.

Friday afternoon I travelled to Leiden. First I went to Katwijk, in order to confirm and pay the rent of a beach cabin for my brother, arriving the 5th of August. It was surprisingly quiet on the beach, even though it was absolutely lovely beach weather. After having enjoyed a good glass of cold beer, I went to Oegstgeest. There I tried to find family in a nursing home, but they appeared to be out for a stroll. I did not find them. From there I went to the home of my sister where I stayed overnight. We celebrated the birthday of my brother in law with friends and family.

Kralingse Zoom Kralingse Zoom.

The next morning, Saturday, we drove to Rotterdam where we were invited to join in the maternity visit of my sister’s third granddaughter and the first child of their son. It was a pleasant get to gather where I saw many people I had not seen for quite a while. After this event I travelled to Ridderkerk to drop some timber at my other sister’s place. After a bit of bread I did go back home to Amersfoort, starting the weekend there in peace.

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