Week 29-2017. Amersfoort.

Stichtse roundabout Stichte Roundabout, Amersfoort.

This week will always remain a memorable but sad week. It is very difficult if not impossible to express my feelings. My only son Hessel died, Friday evening, from an epileptic insult. We all, his family, his friends are devastated. Hessel will be remembered a friendly giant, quiet, understanding and loving husband and father.

On Sunday we watched as usual the Formula 1 race, this time held at Silverstone (GB). After the race I left to my appointment with my nephew Daan, his wife and baby daughter. I was invited to their place for a meal and asked to tell about my latest travels around the world.

Cooking The host is cooking: salmon.

On Monday I picked up the Springer Spaniel, called Toots. Toots will stay with me for one night, since her owner had to undergo a medical check in hospital. Toots knows the place and is lovely to have.

Chasing cat Ktten in the tree opposite my balcony, miauwing me awake, chasing Flamish Jay.

On Tuesday I went to town with Toots. I was early, drank coffee at a tiny terrace and bought presents for my daughter in law. It is her birthday today. After returning Toots to her owner, I went to Eemnes to join in the festivities for the birthday. Hessel gave his wife a lovely present; an olive tree, ready planted in their garden. This tree will always be linked to the sad events later to emerge.

Korte Gracht Amersfoort Korte Gracht, Amersfoort.

On Friday I got a message from a long time friend. I reacted with the proposal to have lunch together, which she accepted. She suggested me to come to Utrecht to see the place where she is living now, together with a new friend. After arrival there we did talk about our late experiences and I met her friend who did arrived just when I left.

Garden at Mr. Sickezlaan Utrecht Garden in Utrecht.

I did go home and spent a quiet evening, until my daughter in law rang me with a voice full of sorrow and tears. I dressed again and left immediately for Eemnes. There I joined into the extremely sad family. From that moment onwards the events are blurred by tears and disbelieve. We started organizing a funeral: it is still unreal but unavoidable.

Eemnes livingroom Empty living.

God bless my son’s soul, his wife, and her four boys. Difficult times lay ahead of us.

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