Week 30-2017. Amersfoort.


The week, with the exception of Saturday, is governed by mourning for the decease of my only son and the organization of his cremation.

In loving memory of Hessel In memory of my son.

I wrote a prayer and asked the minister in my church to read it out during the Sunday service in my church.

On Monday the coffin with my son was placed in the living room in Eemnes, for all to have their personal thoughts and memorial.

Hessel's favorite cat with flowers for the coffin His favorite cat next to the flowers for my sons’ coffin.

Loads of flowers arrived with enormous amounts of supportive cards.

According to his will, the service held in his memory on Thursday, took place in a large tent in the woods. The service was attended by a large crowd from family, friends, and former colleagues. The readings to commemorate my sons’ life were full of true emotion, with in between the music he himself had selected and a selection of pictures shown on screen.

After this formal service we took to the crematorium with only the nearest family. After this we returned to the tent in the woods, to receive the many personal condolences.

Modern birthday party Modern birthday party.

The birthday of one of his boys, on Friday, was celebrated on Saturday. Normality will eventually return to our existence, but my son will be remembered for what he was: loving, listening, helping out and always with loads of patience.

I pray for him: rest in peace.

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