Week 31-2017. Amersfoort.

1992 Hessel op het strand van Kreta Hessel on the beach of Crete.

Some flowers from Hessels' funeral Some flowers from his funeral.

I cannot give a true description of my feelings. The cremation of Hessel, last week, hit me like a hammer. Picking up the usual activities is helping me to deal with the deep sorrow from time to time. Inside me there is something boiling, outside is the world carrying on as if nothing happened. Tuesday is my birthday and also the birthday of a woman I got to know when I was on holiday with Hessel, 25 years ago at Crete. We became friends and I visited this woman and her husband in Amersfoort on Monday. Of course we did talk about those days and the happy days afterwards.

On Tuesday, the 1st of August, my birthday, I stayed at home, no visitors, no celebrations but a soothing stroll through the woods picking blackberries. I was definitely not ready for a busy birthday party.

Autumn in my mind Autumn in my soul.

Life goes on. On Wednesday Conner, one of Hassel’s boys, came to my place. He had not been here before and did like it. I travelled up and down to Eemnes to pick Conner up and take him back home. Just back from Eemnes, I was asked to pick up a goose from the sanctuary nearby, to take it to the bird-hospital in Naarden. My grandson Marnix did like the suggestion to help me, which was very useful because a goose is pretty heavy.

Goose transported to hospital Goose in bench.

On Thursday my friend Hanke visited me, with her companion dog Toots. I watch soccer games from the European championships games for women and enjoy the performance of the Dutch team. The Dutch team will play the final on Sunday, against the Danish team. The Dutch team did beat the Danish previously during this tournament, so I am hopeful to see the Dutch team become the European champions.

On Friday I walk through town, drink one glass of beer, watch people and try to get some inspiration to buy a birthday present for my brother. He and his wife will arrive Saturday and stay in Katwijk for a week: their yearly short holiday to meet the family on Sunday. I did get the necessary inspiration, bought what I wanted and went home.

Amersfoort square lined with catering Square in Amersfoort, lined with catering.

Katwijk beach still quiet Beach of Katwijk on a working day.

On Saturday I travelled to Katwijk to meet my brother and his wife there. They had had a good trip from Norway and where installing themselves in their rented apartment. We walked on the beach, I bought new swimming trousers. After that I left for Eemnes, where there was again a birthday to celebrate, for Kenneth this time. The usual guests where present to commemorate his birthday. I did not stay late, tired.

Birthday party guests Birthday party guests.





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