Week 32-2017. Amersfoort-Katwijk.

This week my family from Norway is staying in Katwijk for part of their annual holiday. On Sunday we have a family gathering on the beach. We organize this event already more than 15 years. The composition is changing from year to year through birth or passing away, work or non comparing holidays. This year we are missing greatly my own son. On the other hand a cousin we had not seen for many years, attended with his wife. It was in retrospect a very much appreciated gathering.

Northsea beach fun Northsea beach fun.

I stayed with my older sister in midweek. At her place I repaired a garden bench and did a number of other odd jobs requiring some technical knowledge and abilities. We did enjoy a lovely evening meal at her sons place.

Twice in the week I travelled to Katwijk to meet my brother and his wife there. The weather this week appeared to be typically Dutch: some nice beach weather, alternating with colder windy and rainy days. It does not bother us, we are used to it and the beach with the sea is always a pleasure to experience.

On Friday I went to Katwijk to have a farewell meeting and subsequent meal at the beach pavilion: we enjoyed a nice bottle of Prosecco and a meal of sole.

Good food at Key West Good food at Key West.


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