Week 33-2017. Amersfoort-Hummené.

Morning haze at home Morning haze at home.

It happens more often: I park my car with the lights still on. The next morning the battery is flat, logically. So I had to take a bike to go to church. But bad luck, the tires are flat. I have to work to go to church this time. A pump is in the back of my car. After pumping up the tires of my bike, I can go. My friend Hanke is already there, glad to see me arrive. Obviously I cannot take her home after the service, as I usually do. I take my bike to go home and try to find someone to help me start my car. At half past four one of my fellow tenants is available and ready to help. At first we try my jump leads. When starting with them fitted properly, they start to produce smoke due to overheating. We abort this trial and apply the towing rope. That helps: after pulling 20 meters the car starts and I drive straight away to Hollandse Rading, to have coffee with Hanke. I had a nice piece of meat with bone for Toots, the Springer. After some talking I returned home, happy to see the cars started properly again.

On Monday I went to Eemnes to arrange for a switch in the car insurance of my in-law daughter. The insurance has to be in her name, after the passing away of my son Hessel. His family is getting ready to go on holiday, with a female friend of my in-law daughter replacing my son.

I spent a lot of time trying to update internet on my Smartphone, unsuccessfully.

Whatsapp does not work now, but I leave it for the time being, because my internet connection is not working either. It is a drag, the internet here at home.

Since Hessels’ family is going on holiday, I decided to go as well and informed my friend in Slovakia.

Poland, A4, breakfast with coffee Poland, A4, breakfast with coffee.

I bought maps for my TomTom to get me there through the shortest way. That appeared to be a way different from what I am used to. I did arrive in Slovakia through firstly the motorway A4, but soon after Krakow I was directed into the country, using only B roads. It was quite fascinating, up to Hummené. I saw different parts of Poland and Slovakia, very quiet roads, no traffic jams. I did like it and arrived at my destination at the predicted hour, Friday afternoon at 14:00 o’clock.

Ancient wooden church in Slovakia Ancient wooden church in Slovakia.

From there the usual activities took place: meeting family there and taking possession of the apartment, installing and shopping.

The weather here in Hummené is nice, hot and only little wind. A change in the weather is however imminent. Rain is supposedly arriving.


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