Week 34-2017. Hummené.

Kiosk in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe kiosk. We will have to do similar against robbery and stealing. Europe united, hoerah!

What is the difference. I am on holiday. When one is on holiday one stays at a hotel where everything is included. The beach is nearby. One enjoys the usual rather excessive breakfast and goes to the beach. Take possession of one of the many beach beds and stays there for the rest of the day. If one is very active, one takes to the sea to get some refreshing dive. Other refreshments are brought to you by one of the underpaid servants on the flip of a finger.

Flat entrance with my bike Entrance to my holiday resort, with my bike.

That is holiday. After a day at the beach, consuming the whole list of free drinks, all inclusive, one backs to the room for shower and dress for dinner. In the evening, the band plays its usual noise or one goes to the casino to spend some money. If one is very lucky, one wins some money. After this one goes to bed: sleep well in airco supplied rooms and get up the next morning.

Here, I am in some sort of a similar situation. The big difference is, that I have to do everything myself, fortunately.

New animal quarantene bench New quarantene shed for cats and dogs.

Cocker with skin infection New in shed: cocker with skin infection.

Most of the days I spent some time at the veterinary practice and some time at Tesco’s because there I do have internet to read my mail and post my blog.

It’s all done by bicycle in shorts, because the weather is fine.

Home coocking My produce for Hanna and Lenka. And for me of course.

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2 Responses to Week 34-2017. Hummené.

  1. Ben says:


    heel goed om je zinnen te verzetten.Ik hoop dat je een aangename tijd hebt daar in Slowakije.
    Geef ff een belletje als je weer terug bent?

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