Week 35-2017. Hummené.

Veterenarian ambulance in Hummene with docter Lenka, her daughter and clients At the veteranarian ambulance.

The Springer Spaniel from Hanke appears to be very ill. This Sunday we exchange information about a possible treatment, given by Lenka on the basis of information from Hanke.

When my friend Dr.Mw. Lenka is ready sterilizing a cat and cleaning her shop, we move to her living with aunt Maria in Medzilaborce. There we have lunch, diner, coffee and a quiet time with Lenkas’ daughter trying to copy all I am doing.

Monday and Tuesday are public holidays, shops are closed and in town it is even more quite then on a Sunday. It is splendid weather, but still Lenka is going to her shop in Hummené to treat a variety of animals: cats, dogs, rabbits and rats for instance. The Monday I stay in Hummené, but on Tuesday I join my friend in Medzilaborce again.

Cheese fondue Fondue cheese.

On Thursday I went shopping for the items I need to produce a proper cheese fondue. The cheese I bought in Holland and took it with me, safely stored in the refrigerator here. I needed to buy white wine for the fondue and white wine to drink. I did buy a wok earlier last week and in that wok I am going to brew the fondue, but I need a slow burner and that seems to be a problem here. After a lot of looking around and a lot of thinking, I remember having been to a hardware store, years ago already. I went there and had to work very hard with the whole staff there, before we managed to get some sort of understanding from what I needed. They came firstly with a huge gas canister, but close to there I saw an ‘instant grill’, It appeared to me that the wok could well be put onto that grill to keep the cheese fondue hot enough but not too hot. These items are comparatively expensive here considering the cost of living in general, but I was content with it. Later that day, around ten in the evening, I walk to the town centre where it is pretty busy with lots of young people chatting, laughing and getting drunk. They seem the high school age and are clearly sort of celebrating the end of the school holidays.

ivan-first-experience-eating-cheese-fondue.jpg Eating cheese fondue for the first time in his life.

Friday was again a national bank holiday. During the morning a couple of volunteers came to the veterinarian ambulance. They came to help cleaning out the shed now in use since half a year. I was an ‘over complete’ activist there, since most people are unable to communicate in another language. One woman however appeared to have studied in Venlo at the school for international businesses. She quit the study because she did not like all the ‘dreary’ dry mass of material to study: now she joined the army. We agreed: that’s international business as well. I took the one dog from its sanctuary and managed to make it walk. The poor bitch appears to be pretty traumatized. In the afternoon I picked up Ivan, the father of Lenka. We drove to Medzilaborce, where I prepared the cheese fondue. None of them Slovakians had ever eaten something like it, so I was very curious about their reaction. The whole wok was however emptied rather quickly and they seem to love it very much.

Medzilaborce, back yard and terrace Medzilaborce back yard.

Medzilaborce, front garden Front garden Medzilaborce.

On Saturday I picked up Ivan again, a bit early because he had to mow the lawn. I was supposed to help them cooking again. This time it was supposed to be meat-fondue. My friend Lenka had told me that they did have everything that was required: she had Googled it. However they produced a large amount of sausages and in no way something like meat for fondue. So in the end we had a barbeque. I think I have to teach them eating ‘strange’ food.

Medzilaborce, Andy Warhol museum Medzilaborce, Andy Warhol museum.

I did have a couple of hours before we would hit the BBQ, so I decided to have a go at visiting the Andy Warhol museum in Medzilaborce. I am happy to have done that, because it was a surprisingly rewarding experience. Entrance fee: €2. Cue: none. Amount of other visitors: approximately 6. I did have plenty of time to study the displayed artifacts with listening to the music of the Velvet Underground, and oh wonder, the record I actually possess myself. It was a lovely experience.

Hummene, view from my kitchen Hummené, view from my kitchen.

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