Week 37-2017. Amersfoort.


Two things bothered me last week, my car and my body.

The exhaust from the car rattles against the bodywork of the car and I notice the smell of unburned petrol. Rattling from an exhaust means it to be lose somewhere and that will damage the construction. Fumes from unburned petrol in the car are giving me a headache and unburned petrol in the engine compartment may cause it to catch fire. These things ask for a visit to my car mechanic. I left the car there for these unwanted situations to be cleared. They solved the rattling and renewed a number of porous petrol tubes. One item they did not renew and we discussed it. This one item is a leaky switch at the fourth cylinder. A new one cost a lot and we agreed that that it was well worth looking for a secondhand one. The garage will call me when they have found one.

Most of the petrol fumes are gone, so I don’t have to worry about that for now.

Demolition hospital Demolition of nearby hospital.

The other worry is about my own body, itching red spots around my waist at the right half of my body. The family doctor is clear: I suffer from a virus called ‘Herpes Zoster’, remains of the virus from my childhood inoculation against chickenpox. This particular virus is asleep in most people’s body and just might emerge at a older age when the physical resistance is at a lower level. The virus attacks nerve ends just underneath the skin and causes redness, itching and fluid filled bubbles. Approximately 1 in 300 elderly people are affected by it. There is no cure and the only thing you can do is to wait for it to disappear, which can take a couple of month, and to use dope to stun your nerve system with Paracetamol or similar medication. I don’t take that medication but bought lots of pills to support and to improve my resistance.

Demolition nurses quarters Demolition of the nurses quarters.

I am getting fed up and tired of it, so I do sleep a lot. Fortunately the constant pain is not such that it affects my sleep.

So that was my week this time.

Fortunately there was a very positive item as well: a couple of hours with a good friend, lots of talking, a fair bit of beer and a good lunch together. I have to consider doing that more often, at least as long as that damned virus is causing me problems.

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