Week 38-2017. Amersfoort.

Akkrum, signs of autumn Akkrum, cobwebs with dew, signaling autumn.

The prospects are not too good, not for this week and not for a string of weeks to come. Since the outbreak of Herpes Zoster or Shingles, my body is aching around the affected areas. Of course I did search the internet for information and friends in New York did supply me with very interesting information as well. Basically it all comes down to the conclusion, that I could take specific drugs to considerably reduce the annoying effects called Post herpetic Neuralgia. Muscles are aching and half of my body feels numb, or itching, or stinging, or all of it together with gusts of feverish feelings at the same time. Fact is however, that I don’t develop a headache and that I manage to get sufficient sleep per twenty-four hours. The description of the available repressive drugs and their possible side-effects made me decide not to take any of them and just sit it through as long as possible. I do take a variety of pills to strengthen the resistance of my body as natural as possible and I use an external crème called Calendula, aimed at southing the itching. The crème may or may not help, I don’t know, but it does not hurt: the staining of my T-shirts is acceptable.

So much for that!

Keeping busy with other things, help me to push the whole issue a little bit to the background.

On Sunday I did the usual things like going to church, have coffee with my friend in Hollandse Rading and visit my family in Eemnes. There, in Eemnes I found a number of other visitors this time. I did help my grandson with his homework for school: German language and after that I went home, because my former wife with her husband were there as well and I am not too happy to see them or join dinner with them.

Akkrum, center Akkrum, centre of town.

I decided to visit an old friend in Akkrum, in the county of Friesland. This old friend was my landlady for a year during a job there. She is now 89 years old, still very active, driving her car only on daytime and only in the known vicinity. She writes books and short stories for local newspapers, in the Frisian language.

Getting back from Akkrum, I went to ‘t Harde where another friend is living. This friend stopped communicating with me since two years now. I had thought about a variety of reasons, the most likely one being that she might have a relationship again. This appeared to be the case, not unexpectedly, as I was told by a neighbor.

Maarsbergen, crossroads Maarsbergen near Woudenberg, cross roads.

On Wednesday I visited a longtime friend in Woudenberg, not far from Amersfoort. Here I meet her two children, both teens and both well behaved. We share coffee and tell tales, about our own doings and about the whereabouts from the many mutual friends. I was asked to join for dinner, but I did not feel like accepting that, not today, because my friend suffers from ‘cluster headache’.

At home, the many tiny apartments that have been unoccupied for a long time, are now let to two organizations dealing with single people of various ages, with a variety of social problems. It leads to considerable population growth and a much more lively community. I do like it since they don’t disturb me and the fact that they are coming gives the ordinary tenants a bit more the idea that this facility may remain alive much longer than foreseen.

My laptop, the one I am working on, shows signs of decay. I may be forced to buy a new one.

Parking violation Big SUV: we park where we like, bluntly.

On Saturday I parked my car at the supermarket. Still in my car I saw an expensive SUV arrive, parking at a place for disabled people. Two young women, Asiatic types, very slim and delicately moving gracefully, jumped out of the car leaving it rather raggy placed. I did like to watch the women, but not the way they parked.



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