Week 39-2017. Amersfoort.

Autumn Autumn.

Luckily I did have a companion this week: the Springer Spaniel, called Toots (from Toots Tielemans, the world famous Belgian Jazz musician). Toots is the dog from my former neighbor, who went on a trip to Switzerland on which she was unable to take the dog. Toots and I go on very well. She, yes it’s a bitch, needs to walk a lot and that means I do have to walk a lot as well. Without the dog I would have stayed at home, behind my desk with laptop and joints. The outbreak of shingles I suffer from, makes me physically very inactive, I sleep often but not a lot. With Toots around, I must move and that keeps my mind off the body ache and the tiredness coming from it as well.

My laptop is old and running extremely slowly, which is a drag. I hired a student to try and mend the working of the laptop. After an hour of work he came to an advice: buy a new one. The graphics card in my laptop is no longer supported for updates, so that is why the machine is no longer running properly.

During the many walks with Toots, I realized that autumn has started. There is usually quite a bit of wind with rain and the air temperatures are rather low. Yes, it’s autumn.

On Friday afternoon I am asked to pick up a turtle from the animal sanctuary. The turtle is in the Netherlands an invasive species. They are often found here however. A specialized sanctuary is based in Alphen a/d Rijn, where I am asked to take it.

Redcheek turtle Redcheeck turtle.


From there I am not far from where my sister lives, so I went there to see her and her husband. I know the way very well but decided to follow the instructions from my TomTom. Those instructions guided me straight through the center of town, where they are busy preparing for the festivities around the 3rd of October (The day Leyden was freed from the Spanish hundreds of years ago): many roads appeared blocked off, so I was guided through uncommon areas of town. I should have been better off choosing my own well known way.

Leiden, de Zijlgate Leyden, The Zijl tower.

Anyway, my brother in law produced a lovely meal and we exchanged some latest family news.

Back at home I started some activities related to my next trip, next week, to Norway.

I am glad to notice that the effects from my inflamed nerves are decreasing.

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