Week 40-2017. Amersfoort-Sætre.


The Sunday passes as usual; to church with my friend Hanke, driving her back home and from there visiting my family in Eemnes. Hankes’ dog Toots has been terrified by thunder on Friday and that leads to panicking reactions and inflicting damage to her bench and herself. My daughter in law appeared very moody and sad: she went to bed with the first signs of a flu. I watched the formula1 race in Malaysia, won by Max Verstappen.

Not much happened on Monday. Late in the afternoon, I packed my backpack for the journey to Norway.

Station Amersfoort Amersfoort, railway station.

Early in the morning on Tuesday, I walked to the bus to the train station, where I boarded the train to Schiphol. At Schiphol it appeared rather quiet all the way. After the security check, I did have plenty of time to smoke a cigarette, drink coffee e and buy presents for the family in Norway.

Schiphol Schiphol airport.

My plane left in time and the short flight landed at Gardermoen without problems. At Gardermoen, the Oslo airport, I ate a pizza with coffee after which I boarded the fast and luxurious train to Asker. Unfortunately, I did not manage to inform my brother because I had insufficient credit on my phone. I was lucky to find a friendly guy who allowed me to use his phone. My brother was happy to hear me and he arrived at the railway station to pick me up, 20 minutes after my arrival.

After due welcoming procedures we discussed some programming for the rest of the week.

  1. View from home in early morning sun Early morning view.

The first night of sleep started with some nuisance: I was barely asleep when a loud short beep woke me up. It took me nearly an hour to discover the source of the beep and to kill it: a smoke detector laid on top of a shelve as spare, but with a bad battery.

Sætre construction work Destruction of the village centre at its harbor site.

The days go by with walking to town, walking into the wild and making a fire there when drinking coffee with cake, local shopping, fishing (I did catch one only) and work around the house. My brother is trying to trace the main water tap. It is clearly useful to know the location and be able to turn this tap on or off. It is not entirely clear where this tap might be so we have to dig a lot and move tons of natural stone.

Sætre guests harbor Landings for visiting vessels.

One evening we did have a lovely meal with my niece and her family, living at walking distance.

Sætre from walkway Sætre from walkway uphill.

As a birthday present for my sister in law, my brother bought tickets for a concert in Asker. The concert was by a group from North Norway, playing their own music. We went there on Saturday evening. The group of five is called ‘Hekla Stålstrenga’. We did like their performance very much.

Asker kulturhus Central hall from Asker kulturhus.

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