Week 41-2017. Sætre.

Sailing  Sailing.

We, that is my brother and me, were invited to join the family of my niece for the last sailing trip of this year. After this trip, the boat will be taken ashore for winter. My brother and I drove to Størsand. There we met the family ready to go. We set sail with a fair bit of wind and lots of sun. The two little ones, 4 and 6 years old, were playing in the cabin and having fun when the boat nearly went out of control. It was, after all, a very nice trip with lunch halfway before returning to the harbour.

Sailing with family Sailing with family.

The next day, Monday, we celebrated the birthday of my sister in law with a nice meal in the evening. During the day, I went fishing, alone. My brother has been busy fitting winter tyres on his car.

Grandma's birthday Grandma’s birthday.

My brother went to work in Oslo this time on Tuesday. Every now and then, he is asked by former employers to help out and he loves to do that. It keeps him busy and the social relationships keep him happy. I joined my sister in law on a short bush walk, during which I did find a nice big mushroom. The mushroom was cooked and eaten with pancakes and soup.

More birthday More birthday.

On Wednesday, I walked to town with my sister in law. She was going to the gym, while I was looking around. Back at home, I started sorting out remnants of the belongings of my father, consisting mainly of publications, of manuscripts and other written thoughts. When finished, I offered all my family members from fathers’ descent, to make a selection for themselves. In the evening, we had my brother’s son Knut-Erik and his girlfriend visiting. We shared memories, cake and coffee in good mood.

Walking the forest Walking the forest. Coffee and a fire Coffee and a fire.

My brother joined me on a fishing trip for a change. He is mostly too busy with activities around the house. We caught only two fishes. After coffee halfway the day, he stayed at home and I carried on fishing and enjoying the splendid weather outdoor in the boat, on my own.

Botteling beetroot wine Botteling beetroot wine.

Saturday was a day with a variety of activities. My hosts are bottling the beetroot wine they produced, while I watched. As a birthday present for my sister in law, I had given her a gift voucher for a cultural event. She decided to spend it at a very nice restaurant in Sætre, called Spiseriet. The establishment is from the end of the 18th century, with a view across the harbour. They serve very good food, especially a lovely fish soup. Together with a bottle of splendid white wine, we enjoyed the food and the company. It was a lovely week with variable weather and thus also with a variety of pleasant activities.

A&J in Spiseriet  A&J in Spiseriet.

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