Week 42-2017. Sætre-Amersfoort.

To church in Saetre To church in Saetre.

We went to church all together, my brother and his wife and I. In the towncentre we picked two old ladys up. Kitty is one of them, 92 years old, deaf but otherwise 100% mentally healthy. Kitty is one of the very loyal visitors of any evangelical meeting in town and my brother had known her as long as he is living here. The service was accompanied by a locally living former refugee from Afrika bongo player and by a local Norwegian bariton singer. After the service we were treated with coffee and waffles backed outside the church.

Back at home we just enjoy a peaceful Sunday, of course inclusive a short walk through the neighborhood. There is a lot of wind today, originating from a rare phenomenon which is a 3rd category hurricane hitting Ireland very hard.

View during fishing View during fishing.

Monday will be my last full day here and I used that day to go fishing. I went on my own because my brother had other plans, like changing his wheels from summer tires into winter tires. The fishing trip was very nice and quiet but not in any sense succesful. I had two or three times notion of something on my line, but did not manage to bring any fish back home. After the fishing trip I prepared my belongings for the return trip home.

Tuesday morning at five o’clock  the alarm went off. I was already half awake and jumped out of bed. At quarter to six we were on the road, my brother driving me to Lillestrom, not far from where he had to go for some work anyway. I was dropped off at the railway station with his instructions regarding trains, departure times and tickets. I took my time because I am four hours early. Its is raining and I smoke a cigarette, looking at a store inside the railway station building.

Lillestrom railway station Lillestrom railway station.

I make a picture from the store, with cigarettes and ‘snus’ (substance like concentrated tobacco to chew or keep behing your gums to dissolve nicotine) hidden behind doors but with another type of unhealthy substance in full view: sugar bombs in liquid form. It strikes me as pretty hypocrite.

Lillestrom station shop Lillestrom station shop.


Buying a ticket for the train to the airport appears to be easy after I found the appropriate vending machine. The train was comfortable and accurate. At the airport I had no problem finding the departure gate, where I fell asleep. Just in time I did wake up again, arriving at the entry of the plane as the last traveller.

My seat was in between two others, a young Norwegian woman travelling to Aberdeen to board the supply vessel she is working on and a Dutchman slightly frustrated about the fact that he came to Oslo for an event but that went sour because his import documents appeared to be not in order. The stewardesses were very kind and supplied me with whisky and nuts, while everybody else was respectively drinking coffee, tea or water.

Back at home I found everything unchanged and managed to distract enough food from my freezer for a good meal.

On Wednesday I have my last appointment with a speech therapist, who had tried to find out why I sometimes get something else but air in my airvent, to the point where I nearly die trying to get it out again for proper breathing. I get the idea that the exersices recommended are helping somewhat.

On Thursday I have an appointment with an eye-specialist in the hospital in Baarn. I made an appointment some weeks ago, because I have the idea that one of my eyes is slightly blurred. I am in the waiting room straight in front of the door where the specialist appears, shouting my name. I respond immediately shouting back: ‘I am here for my eyes, I am not deaf.’ The specialist, an attractive women, laughs and apologizes. After the usual tests, she concludes that my left eye shows very light cataract: not worrying, not unusual for my age. When it gets worse, I can come back.

Soest-Zuid shopping Soest-Zuid shopping.

On my way home I pass the Eemplein with a shop where laptops are sold. I park my car, enter the shop and one hour later I leaf with a new laptop. That move was very necessary, because my old laptop was causing very time consuming difficulties.

Eemplein Eemplein.

On Friday I have visitors: now a middle aged woman, I met her as a young girl back in 1989 in my appartment block. She came with her mother and her daughter, to meet me and to see how the block is looking now. I did like her coming to see me.

After taking a young hedgehog from Amersfoort to the sanctuary in Huizen, I returned through Soest. I saw a shop where they repair mobile phones. They also appeared to have batteries for mobile phones. I ordered one for my phone, because the battery of that phone sometimes last only a couple of hours. The battery was swollen and definately fit for the dustbin.

Ragdoll Ragdoll, pussycat from my grand son.

The Saturday was used to do laundry and to learn about my new laptop.

Mushroom time Mushroom time.


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  1. Aud says:

    Thanks for your visit!
    Our dear Kitty is 97 years young!!

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