Week 43-2017. Amersfoort.


A phone call from the animal sanctuary nearly wakes me up on Sunday morning: ‘Do you mind taking a hetchhog to the sanctuary in Huizen?’ No, I don’t mind but with some delay, because I go to church first, as usual. They object, because the animal need treatment. The applicant choses to ring another volunteer but returns to me eventually. I pick up the hetchhog and continue my Sunday routine: going to church, taking my friend home, and after delivering the hetchhog to the sanctuary in Huizen, I visit my family in Eemnes.

Birthday guests Party .

In Eemnes they are preparing for the birthday party of my grandson, today. Lots of people are being expected to attent. Before the crowd arrives, at 4 o’clock, I leave. I do have other essentials to do. The smell from the hetchhog in my car is quite strong. Later that day, going to the central living room, I run into two huge policemen dealing with aggrevation in the house. Of course I attend to hear what is going on: some of the inhabitants did have an argument; not so strange in a place with many inhabitants of a totally different nature and age.

Ragdoll Birthday present.

On Monday I took my grandson for a shopping spree in Amersfoort. We did have a good time together and my grandson bought his birthday presents. This way providing him with presents is much better than trying to find out what he prefers. He bought himself a nice and warm cap, but nearly lost it half an hour after the purchase: left at KFC where we ate chickenwings.

Marnix with cap Grandson with cap.

The installation of certain settings on my new laptop did not lead to the preferred result. Help from a much younger neighbor did not work either, so I decided to take my laptop to the vendor. On the way to an appointment in Diemen, I went to the vending shop where the salesman did have difficulty to find out what was wrong. After 15 minutes of scrolling through all the settings, he saw one tiny ‘v’ which he deleted. That appeared to be the solution. Unlikely that I could have found that unless accidentily. I continued my trip to Diemen and had a lovely meeting with a niece and her husband. A nice meal and good wine completed the pleasant talks about many subjects.

Church in Diemen.                                      The name at the back of the truck in front struck me as rather odd: Jaap Speelziek. (A games addict.)

With two guys I had a meeting on Thursday. These two men intend to go to Argentina for a couple of weeks horse riding in the wilderness. They are picking my brain for information and experience, since I did a year long what they want to do. Later that day I rang a friend in Argentina for further assistance in their preparatory work. This story is not over yet, until they depart somewhere in February next year.

My archives Archives in my cellar.

The remaining two days of this week, I used to enter my archives in the cellar. I did find the many maps with documentation, took these to my room and started going through them. I have planned some time ago, to reduce the amount of my belongins, especially old documents. Now is the time to start doing that. I register what I do have, give comments, make a number of scans from interesting documents and throw away most of the paperwork. So far it feels good.

Many mushrooms Many mushrooms. 

Clavulina crestata Clavulina crestata.

For good health and rest to my eyes, I walk in the forest in my backyard, watching autumn to proceed towards winter.

Autumn forest  Autumn forest.

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