Week 44-2017. Amersfoort.

Golf links Golf links.

It’s ‘wintertime’, last night we were allowed another hour of sleep. I could well use it, because I had been working until far after midnight. This Sunday is ‘All Souls Day’. The service in church is therefor extra long and for me extra emotional. I pray for Hessel’s soul, light a candle for him and after the service I take a white rose for Hessel’s wife Gerry. I was lucky to have a clean handkerchief with me to wipe my tears. My friend Hanke does have difficulties in church, sitting in the same position for longer periods: she is in pain, suffering a lot.

Autumn trees Autumn collors at my frontdoor.

van Hoornbeeck college Nearby Hoornbeeck college.

My downstairs neighbor came for help. She, a former refugee from Eritrea, needed a well written letter to our landlord. Cats from her neighbor cause her a lot of inconvenience. I am not easily convinced when people complain about annoyance but in this case I see the point. She will send the letter accompanied with pictures taken from for instance catshit on het balcony and in her potplants.

345678 My car, ageing at 345678 km at  teller.

Later this week we experience unusual activity: the landlord and three of his slaves are scourring the area around the ‘cat feeding’ fellow. They address my downstairs neighbor with promises: action will be taken, the cat lover will receive a letter!!

King buzzerd King buzzard unable to fly.

Early Wednesday morning the R.S.C.P.Y. rang and asked me to take a hatchhog to the sanctuary in Huizen, as fast as possible. So I interrupted my breakfast and went there to pick up the animal. On the way back I had coffee with Gerry in Eemnes. I was not even back at home, when the organisation rang again, this time for a moorhen. The poor hen appeared to be attacked and had various wounds on its back primarily. I took this bird to the specialized sanctuary in Naarden. Back at home my downstairs neighbor invited me for a traditional coffee. Her way, the Eritrean way, is roasting green coffee beans, grinding and cocking it. This extremely tasty and strong coffee is a real treat and the whole ceremony takes nearly two hours, including talking a lot of course.

Wounded moorhen Damaged moorhen.

On Thursday I have an appointment with a friend for dinner. I drive to Utrecht, where she is living with her partner. It was a very pleasant dinner, good food and lively discussions until late. My friend is working as a coach for 37 convicts. She is tired of it, because this amount is rediculous. She told me to be able to handle 17 cases, so the result of this workload is, that the convicts don’t get the attention they need. This situation leads inevitably to accidents seen these days, with convicts committing serious crimes.

Lichtenberg empty block Lefthand side building, already >10 years empty!

Lichtenberg pond Pond at the back of unusued buidling.

Much of my time was spent on the documentation gathered during my horse riding journey through Argentina in 1999. It feels like experiencing the whole journey again. The idea is to cut down on the amount of paperwork in my archives. It takes a lot of time, firstly because I have to get the documents in the proper time line and then I have to decide either to keep of to throw away. Especially throwing away is very difficult, but I force myself to do it. This activity will go on for much of this wintertime.

Argentinina Argentinian newspaper from 20nd. November 1999: me with my horses.


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