Week 45-2017. Amersfoort.

Sunny autumn Street in Amersfoort.

The first three days of this week were rather dull, as far as physical activities are meant. I have been busy responding to a variety of messages, from friends primarily. On television I saw some interesting programs. Alzheimer was one of the well documented programs. Sorting out documentation from my trip in Argentina will continue for some time, because it is a lot of work and there are days without the necessary motivation.

Backyard Hollandse Rading Backyard.

On Wednesday I was asked to assist with taking Toots, the Springer Spaniel to the veterinarian. The result from that visit is, that for the dog an appointment was made for next Monday, to have some x-rays taken at a specialized clinic in Putten.

Dead wood Dead wood.

The only interesting activity on Thursday was to buy tickets for a concert by André Rieu, to be held in July next year. These tickets are for my friends from Indonesia. Now that I bought the tickets they wanted, they have to organize their trip to Holland.

Colourful autumn floor Unknown mushrooms.

On Friday I contacted friends in Argentina, to investigate their willingness to help two men from Holland to organize a horse riding trip in Argentina next year. So far, they have not responded.

Hebron Empty psychiatric paviljon.

Smitshof shopping Shopping in Soest.

Saturday was the most interesting day, with a friend coming to Amersfoort. We met at the nearby restaurant, which happened to be closed. So, we went into town, parked her car and walked through town. It was busy in town and even though it was rather dull and cold, many terraces were well occupied them being heated. After visiting two locations, for coffee and for beer, it was diner time. The first restaurant where I intended to take us, was fully occupied and so was the second one. We concluded that it is clear: the Dutch economy is on its way up again. After some driving around and some checking on the i-phone, we ended up in Soestduinen. There we enjoyed a lovely meal. At the end of our pleasant meeting, we shared the conclusion that we should not wait too long to meet again.

Restaurant closed Awaiting my friend.


Saturday was the 11th of the 11th. I remember that day very well, certainly since I am now reliving my Argentinian adventure through the documentation.

It was Wednesday, the 11th of the 11th in the year 1998 when I started my adventure. I said goodbye to my mother in her apartment: she read a bit in the Bible, prayed and cried a little bit. My plane took off at midnight. At Friday the 13th I was in Buenos Aires and ready to fly to Ushuaia. I was told that I had been lucky to get a seat, because these flights, on Friday, are usually fully booked. Due to the superstitious nature of the Argentinians, flights on a Friday the 13th are not so popular. The plane appeared to be only half full. At arrival in Ushuaia the real adventure started. I had to find a place to sleep. I took a taxi into town. Fortunately, the driver understood the problem and dropped me at a backpacker’s hostel, where I could stay for some time. Lucky me.


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