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Week 41-2017. Sætre.

  Sailing. We, that is my brother and me, were invited to join the family of my niece for the last sailing trip of this year. After this trip, the boat will be taken ashore for winter. My brother and I … Continue reading

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Week 40-2017. Amersfoort-Sætre.

  The Sunday passes as usual; to church with my friend Hanke, driving her back home and from there visiting my family in Eemnes. Hankes’ dog Toots has been terrified by thunder on Friday and that leads to panicking reactions … Continue reading

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Week 39-2017. Amersfoort.

 Autumn. Luckily I did have a companion this week: the Springer Spaniel, called Toots (from Toots Tielemans, the world famous Belgian Jazz musician). Toots is the dog from my former neighbor, who went on a trip to Switzerland on which … Continue reading

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Week 38-2017. Amersfoort.

 Akkrum, cobwebs with dew, signaling autumn. The prospects are not too good, not for this week and not for a string of weeks to come. Since the outbreak of Herpes Zoster or Shingles, my body is aching around the affected … Continue reading

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Week 37-2017. Amersfoort.

  Two things bothered me last week, my car and my body. The exhaust from the car rattles against the bodywork of the car and I notice the smell of unburned petrol. Rattling from an exhaust means it to be … Continue reading

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Week 36-2017. Hummené-Amersfoort.

 Lunch in Ali Baba. The planning this week is to leave Slovakia on Tuesday. This means that I will have to prepare for it. On Sunday I first go to the usual Roman Catholic Church. Again it is surprising to … Continue reading

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Week 35-2017. Hummené.

 At the veteranarian ambulance. The Springer Spaniel from Hanke appears to be very ill. This Sunday we exchange information about a possible treatment, given by Lenka on the basis of information from Hanke. When my friend Dr.Mw. Lenka is ready … Continue reading

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