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Week 12-2010. At last, on the road again.

Kamenz, early Monday morning. Art in Hoyerswerda. Good bye Mercedes workshop in Kamenz.  Arriving on Monday at the Mercedes garage, they told me ashamed that only two of four brake-tubes were delivered. Fixing these now would mean nothing. Okay, I … Continue reading

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Week 11-2010. Slow start.

It’s still winter in Neschwitz. The snow layer is getting thinner. Goodbye friend Dieter and goodbye barn. Farewell Neschwitz Another three days in Neschwitz, where I worked out the last minor issues. One of my friends in Neschwitz was in … Continue reading

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Week 10-2010. Virtually ready to go.

A couple of cranes, signaling spring.   Agricultural machinery, also signaling spring Frost and snow saying ‘winter is not over yet". It was a week with varying weather conditions, but generally cold. One morning the world appeared to be totally … Continue reading

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Week 09-2010. Progress.

Digging out small animals together. Village view from streetlevel   Characteristic view in Sachsen: Rosental Sorting out my belongings is continuing. The progress is slow, because outside my caravan it is bitterly cold. Everything you touch is far below zero … Continue reading

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