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Week 38-2010. Romania.

  TNT awaiting me to wake up.          Between Resita and Plugova.   Nature Reserve near Bozovici.         Plugova, water well.   Scenary along river Don.                Drobeta. Sluice complex in river Don. On Monday the journey goes from Resita to Drobeta on … Continue reading

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Week 37-2010. Romania.

  Cluj-Napoca. A new school year.    Huedin school girls in Tartan.           Huedin gypsies. This week the journey started in Cluj-Napoca and ended in Re?i?a, via Huedin, Oreada, Arad and Timisoara.   Underway from Huedin to Oreada.           My lunch.                       Oreada, Black … Continue reading

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Week 36-2010. Romania.

  The first mushrooms for consumption. One of many artificail lakes. Men playing chess in the park.   Landscape between Vaslui en Bacau. Bacau, modern large railway station.   Bacau, cathedral under construction. Watersupply between Bacau and Moinesti.To be able … Continue reading

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Week 35-2010 Romania

  Between Satu Mare and Baia Mare.  Baia Mare, new and old townDeparture from Satu Mare to Baia Mare. Halfway in Seini, I stop for a cup of coffee. Nescafe. The people are friendly but they donxe2x80x99t speak English. Large trucks … Continue reading

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